Fink Family Farm Bird List

Fink Family Farm Bird List

The only list I faithfully keep is a list of all the birds seen on our farm since we moved here in 1977. I thought it would be fun to ad...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bird Tracks and Lincoln's Sparrow

Today after the snow began to melt a bit and the gravel in the driveway poked through, I photographed some bird tracks that I knew what were... because I first watched the birds that made them.

California Quail

Brush Rabbit, California Quail, and unidentified hopping bird, probably towhee as there were several around

Golden-crowned Sparrows

Dark-eyed Junco (if I'm remembering correctly. They were not heavy enough to make tracks in the icy snow but I think I took this photo after one had scratched or hit a soft spot... or something.)

Then I was distracted by a sparrow in a flock of juncos. I tried hard to get a photo of this skulker in the grass...

It flew. I followed. It disappeared. I pished. It immediately popped up on a bare tree and stared at me. Hip hip hooray! A Lincoln's Sparrow! We see them seldom here and I had not managed to get a photo before.

So I took lots of photos.