Fink Family Farm Bird List

Fink Family Farm Bird List

The only list I faithfully keep is a list of all the birds seen on our farm since we moved here in 1977. I thought it would be fun to ad...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Owlets on the Ledge

When I reached the top of the loft ladder tonight (May 2nd), I saw the backs of baby Barn Owls on the ledge and heard them begging. I was afraid to go up for fear of scaring them into jumping off the ledge onto the lower roof.

But the goats needed their hay. So I went up.

I need not have feared. The little brats had no intention of going anywhere... not even back into their box.

 Well, one did disappear but apparently behind the others.

I went ahead and threw down hay for the goats.  When I started downstairs, I turned to look at the ledge as the babies had stopped begging while I was up there. I guess they were trying to look nonchalant here, or maybe they thought I couldn't see them if they only looked at me with one eye.

I just hope they don't attract any hungry Barred or Great Horned Owls while they are begging at the ledge. I would hate for them to become dinner for a more aggressive species.

We have never had baby owls come out of the box so early before. I hope that doesn't mean they are not getting enough to eat.

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