Fink Family Farm Bird List

Fink Family Farm Bird List

The only list I faithfully keep is a list of all the birds seen on our farm since we moved here in 1977. I thought it would be fun to ad...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shorebirds at Bob Straub Park

I *think* I know what most all the shorebirds are that I saw at Bob Straub Park... in the rain... on Tues., May 2nd. But I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong.

from left to right: Dunlin, Western Sandpiper, possible Least Sandpiper behind, not sure, Semi-palmated Plover, Sanderling, Semipalmated Plover

left to right: Western Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin


left to right: Western Sandpiper, Semi-palmated Plover, Dunlin, W. Sandpiper, Semi-palm

Western Sandpiper left and also behind the black-bellied Dunlin, Semi-palmated Plover in front

Whimbrel. There were 3 of them but one hung out alone facing the opposite direction. I wondered if it might be a Bristle-thighed Curlew but I could not see much, if any difference, from the other two


Same 2 whimbrels

same 2 whimbrels


Whimbrel (I took a lot of photos)



The alleged Whimbrel that kept its distance from the others but moved with them when they moved

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